RAD 140 (Testolone): An Introduction To The Many Benefits

Perhaps you have been reading about steroids, and you have questions about their effects. Many fitness enthusiasts are curious about Testolone. Some people mistakenly consider it to be a form of testosterone, or an anabolic steroid — it is neither of these. Instead, it is actually a revolutionary substance that is currently undergoing some exciting studies and producing amazing results.

RAD-140 (Testolone)

For those who want to increase muscle mass and get a testosterone boost, without using anabolic steroids, Testolone can be an absolute game-changer. Not only is it highly effective, but it does not come with the undesirable side effects that can be experienced with anabolic steroids.

RAD 140 Testolone’s ability to be selective concerning where it does its work is one of the qualities that highly interests researchers. While targeting the muscle tissues and bones, it has minimal effects on the prostate, liver and other organs. This means that liver failure, low sexual libido and infertility are not concerns with Testolone. You do not need to worry about negative effects to reproductive organs, making it a more popular choice as compared to testosterone and other similar steroids. Instead, you can simply focus on the boost in muscle growth, strength and stamina.

Radius Health, an American pharmaceutical company, developed Testolone in 2010. Initially focused on for the treatment of breast cancer and osteoporosis, it also attracted a lot of interest for other uses. Because RAD 140 Testolone has the ability to build muscle, it helps with the treatment of cancer, HIV/AIDS, and other diseases that tend to cause the degenerative wasting away of muscle tissue.

140 SARM, as a result of its medical usages to reverse the wasting away of muscle and its anabolic properties, has also been discovered to be a good muscle building supplement. Although some sporting organization may frown on using it, RAD140 SARMs is often used by sportsmen to gain a physical advantage. Testolone is difficult to detect in the blood, so bodybuilders often use it to legally to prepare for competitions, without worrying about detection levels and legal consequences. It can really help build lean muscle mass, while improving one’s fitness level.

It is also popular with professionals and celebrities. Hollywood movie roles often require actors to lose weight or gain muscle weight, often within a very short period of time. Testolone provides an effective and safe way of doing that quickly without the worry of undesirable side effects.

Men with low testosterone levels are also seeking out Testolone RAD-140, as it is a safer alternative as compared to undergoing testosterone replacement therapy. Sexual and physical performance is given a boost, without the undesired risks.

Testolone — Why is it so Popular?

Effectiveness and safety are the two primary reasons why it has become such a popular choice. Testolone RAD 140 bypasses sensitive and reproductive organs, while seeking out and stimulating androgen receptors in bone and muscle selectively. Compared to anabolic steroids and their risks involving heart failure, liver failure and infertility, RAD 140 Testolone is the more popular choice.

As several studies show, it is extremely effective at increasing muscle growth. It specifically targets the androgen receptors, which are linked to growing muscle. At the same time, it avoids other receptors, which is why there are fewer side effects. This means not needing to worry about increased blood pressure levels or prostate risks. Lean muscle mass gains are triggered and strength is increased, without the negative effects of anabolic steroids. In fact, it actually can provide neurological benefits, due its positive effect of helping to prevent brain cell death.

Similar to other SARMs, RAD-140 SARM is highly effective on the skeletal muscles, targeting the androgen receptors. This includes the deltoids, biceps and pectoral muscles, all of which play a large role in workouts and bodybuilding.

Doing a RAD140 cycle will provide you with similar benefits as compared to doing a Dianabol cycle, but without the side effects you do not want. Imagine reaping the benefits, without the risks of Dianabol, the world’s most powerful steroid.

What is Testolone?

It is classified as a “selective androgen receptor modulator,” which is more commonly referred to as a “SARM.” Testolone RAD 140 binds to androgen receptors, which are found throughout the body. These receptors react with the natural androgens that the body produces, such as testosterone. But they also react with synthetic androgens, such as Testolone. Because SARMs supplement and testosterone affect the same receptors, the effects on the muscles and bones are similar.

Five Benefits Of RAD-140 SARM?

Fast Results

The speed of seeing and feeling the results are amazing. Some RAD140 SARM users have reported gains of over 20 pounds of lean muscle while losing up to 25 pounds of fat, within just months. These fast results are a huge benefit, compared to the slow results often achieved by traditional weight loss regiments and bodybuilding workouts alone. After all, who wants to train for months while not gaining much muscle?

Reaching a plateau is almost inevitable in bodybuilding. The human body has limits, it is not just a machine. When you buy RAD 140, you have an effective advantage you can use to break through those plateaus, go beyond your body’s limits, and achieve amazing results fast.

Of course, men are not the only ones who buy Testolone. It is also in demand by women, as it can safely be used by men and women alike. Of course, the dosage will be higher for a man than for a woman, but both will achieve results. It is naturally more difficult for women to gain muscle, because of the naturally lower testosterone levels. But, testosterone is required to build muscle mass. Testolone is a safe and effective way for women to reap the bodybuilding benefits of increased testosterone levels.


Testolone is often referred to as the “king of anabolism.” It truly gives new meaning to the word, taking it to new levels. Becoming more anabolic will cause you to lose more fat weight, and build more lean muscle. This is one of the reasons sportsmen, bodybuilders and celebrities buy RAD140 so often.

It is very likely that some of your fellow bodybuilders are already buying and using RAD 140 capsules. The fantastic results some of your friends are achieving may not be totally naturally gained. In addition to their weight lifting regimes and healthy diets, they may also be using Testolone. After all, there is no magic pill that achieves overnight results. But combined with regular workouts and a good diet, those who buy RAD140 are undoubtedly seeing more amazing results.

Increased Strength and Energy

RAD 140 is amazing in its ability to make you more vascular and hard. Based on strength gains, it tops the list as compared to other selective androgen receptors. Strength and speed gains are fast and dramatic. You will also be amazed at your increase in sexual stamina.

During even your first week, you will notice an increase in stamina and energy. Your level of mental clarity will also get a boost. You will be able to work out longer, enjoy boosts in enthusiasm and focus, and your brain fog will disappear. It is a “feel good” hormone, just like Dianabol — but without the risks.

Pumps – But Minus the Water Retention

You cannot top Testolone when it comes to blowing up shoulders, biceps and triceps without the problem of unsightly water retention. Water retention is one of the problems with most anabolic steroids. Instead, look twice your size while getting dry, lean cut muscles with the best RAD 140. The lack of water retention also makes RAD140 SARM perfect for achieving that great “Instagram look.” It is popular with fitness models and women for this reason.

Promoting Loss of Fat

The midsection is where most of the dangerous fats are stored by the body. This fat can increase the risk for many health issues, including type 2 diabetes, compromised lung function, asthma, and migraine headaches. Because Testolone and Lipolysis have a direct correlation, you will find it easy to effectively trim this dangerous fat from your midsection fast.

Rad 140 Side Effects

As with most substances, RAD 140 does have some mild side effects. If you have any preexisting medical conditions, you should consult with your doctor before using it. It is also important to follow RAD 140 dosage instructions. Taking the proper RAD 140 SARM dosage will minimize any possible side effects while maximizing the benefits. Once you have completed a Testolone cycle, remember to undertake PCT to help normalize natural hormone levels.

However, it is important to remember that Testolone does not convert to DHT. DHT side effects include issues such as high blood pressure, heart issues, hair loss, bowel issues, appetite loss, and dry skin. So, these are not side effects you will experience with Testolone.

Where to Buy Testolone?

You can buy Testolone in a variety of places, such as retail stores and online. However, shopping online will get your the best RAD 140 deals, according to RAD 140 reviews. Some people prefer local retailers to find what they want, but cheaper prices are generally found online. When shopping online, do your research and look for a reputable dealer, with many satisfied customers, who has a good RAD 140 review. It is important to note that online you will be able to buy Testolone pills. If you are looking for the injectable form, you will require a doctor’s prescription.

You will find Testolone for sale is more accessible than ever. Many companies are now producing it, due to the fact that the Testolone patent has run out. Prices used to be high, but RAD140 for sale is now found at competitive prices, because it is being manufactured by several different companies.

The Bottom Line

If you want just 1% of the side effects of steroids while achieving 90% of the powerful results, look for RAD140 for sale. Although there are some side effects that some experience when taking it, it is tolerated well by most people.

When looking for RAD 140 for sale, be careful where you buy it. Sadly, there are always some vendors intent on selling fake products. To get the best RAD 140 results, shop carefully and read more than one Testolone review before purchasing.

Keep in mind that while RAD140 SARM is highly effective and works quickly, it of course cannot work alone. If you want to see amazing RAD 140 results, be sure you are following a healthy workout plan and diet. You can also use Testolone effectively for cutting and bulking cycles, and stack with anabolic steroids if desired. If you liked this article you might like YK11 vs Testolone article.

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