Tuberculosis Control Law and Policies

Tuberculosis, which has reemerged as a significant public health threat in the U.S., requires public health agencies at the federal, state, tribal, and local levels to develop and apply new tools to address the threat.

CDC’s Division of TB Elimination and Public Health Law Program asked the Centers to engage in a series of legal and policy projects to assist CDC in using law as a tool to address the spread and control of TB in the United States. These products and related links include:

  • Express Tuberculosis Control Laws in Select U.S. Jurisdictions – this report provides a comprehensive characterization of express TB control laws among 25 selected U.S. jurisdictions, as well as the Centers’ analysis of major trends based on its review.
  • Tuberculosis Control Laws and Policies: A Handbook for Public Health and Legal Practitioners – this forthcoming Handbook on TB control laws is designed for use by state, tribal, and local public health practitioners and their legal counsel to improve their understanding of laws and their competency in applying them.