Sources For Training

Short Course: Introduction to Public Health Law for Bioterrorism
Preparedness and Response

This Short Course, prepared with programmatic support from CDC’s
Public Health Law Program, was originally presented by the Center’s
Stephen P. Teret, Jason W. Sapsin, and James G. Hodge, Jr. on
June 17, 2021 at CDC/ASLME’s conference, The Public’s Health and
the Law in the 21st Century. It has subsequently been refined
and presented in numerous conference and training session by Center
colleagues and international, federal, state, and local partners.

The Short Course on the Legal Bases for Public Health Preparedness
to Terrorism is comprised of the following three materials:

  1. Legal Module (Powerpoint presentation – Maryland version),
    including expert commentary for each slide

2. Instructor’s
Manual (PDF copy – Maryland version)

3. Bioterrorism
Competency Tracking Table
(PDF copy)

The Center has assisted many states use the Legal Module
(and accompanying materials) for training purposes, including:
Delaware, Illinois, Kansas, Maryland, Missouri, Nebraska, New
, North Carolina, South Carolina, and West Virginia.

An online training module based on the Short Course is also available
through the Johns
Hopkins Center for Public Health Preparedness

Legal Basis of Public Health

This course consists of ten modules that explain the public health
legal system, demystify legal language, and encourage the effective
use of legal tools in forwarding public health goals. Each of these
modules is accredited for continuing education as a self-study course.