SARMs VS Steroids VS Prohormones

Today I want to talk about Steroids vs SARMs vs Prohormones. I want to go over my experience, going on each category and talking about how they affected me. Before I go deep into this, SARMs are not for human consumption, so don’t take them; neither are steroids; they are not approved unless a doctor prescribes them. Don’t do anything illegal; make sure anything you purchase or consume is legal and done so legally. I’m not condoning any legal use of anything.

SARMs are not meant for human consumption; they are meant for lab tests only. So keep in mind while I’m talking about this. Did I take them? Yes, obviously, but don’t take them yourself, okay?

So I’ve been taking SARMs, prohormones, and steroids over the years, and I’ve been doing this for over 15 years. I’m 33 now, and I started about when I was eighteen. Over these years, I went through fit and fat, fat to fit, and fit and fat again. It all revolved around the thing that was happening in my life, like disappointments, divorce, etc. I’ve been through some ridiculous life experiences, so fitness/bodybuilding comes and goes. But during those times when I was fit, I was experiencing a lot of products. Recently(in the last couple of years), I’ve been more focused on SARMs. Now, I’m also trying to experience some of the newer prohormones, but in the past, I also did steroids, so let’s talk about that too.

When I was young and started taking all these products, I didn’t understand anything; all I wanted was to look like that guy. So I go and ask them what they are taking. They tell me. I take it. I didn’t know about liver support or PCT or cycle support, or any of that stuff. I didn’t understand the chemistry of the human body, and obviously, it’s really stupid; I didn’t educate myself because I didn’t know that I needed to know all this information. So a lot of my experience in the first ten years of fitness was tainted by the lack of understanding about the product, how it affected your body, and how to take care of your body during and after the cycle.

So Let’s Start!


Steroids, for me, obviously were around for the longest; there is the most documentation on steroids. Yes, they are illegal in the USA. You can’t buy them or own them unless a doctor prescribes them. Some TRT doctors prescribe testosterone, Deca, Anavar, etc. Find the right doctor if you are trying to get to the stuff, make sure you get your prescription, and make sure you do your lab work on a routine basis. It would help if you watched your cholesterol level, your lipids, and all the other stuff that goes into keeping yourself healthy. It’s not worth looking huge and muscular if you’re going to destroy your body and just kill yourself. Maybe some people will disagree, but when you are on your deathbed, you will wish that you took better care of your health.

So When I took steroids in the past, it usually took me 3-4 weeks to see results. The one exception would be Superdrol; I would see results after two weeks. I would see results with that very fast, and Superdrol was always my favorite steroid; it was sold as a prohormone back in the day. I picked up a lot of muscle very quickly, and I maintained most of it after the cycle. My strength shoots through the roof. I was benching 465 when I was 22 years old. If you would see my family, we are not genetically predisposed to being strong or big, so for me, that was a huge accomplishment. Over the years, like I said, I lost that muscle. I got fat, and then I started to experience other prohormones, but originally I tried other steroids like EQ, Test, DBol, etc., and for those, it took about 3-4 weeks before I started seeing results. With a lot of them, the results weren’t very drastic. Some of them, like Trenbolone, really messed up me: quality of sleep; I felt like I couldn’t breathe all the time. So I learned what did and what didn’t work with my body type. And everyone is different; they will react differently to SARMs, Prohormones, and Steroids. They will have different side effects to a limited degree.

When I stopped using steroids, I lost probably 15-20% of the muscle gain over the course of the next six months. So I maintained most of my muscle from steroids. Up to a certain point, I think at one point I hit the genetic limit on how much muscle I could carry, at least with the diet that I had.

So I would say that they weren’t anything profound; they definitely worked, but it wasn’t miracle pills.


Going back to prohormones, I would see results a lot faster. Usually, by the end of the second week, I would see pretty good results. Most of it is likely because it’s oral; they basically pass through your liver and to your system. In the hour of taking it, it’s already in your system in full potency. So for me, prohormones, in general, work very well for seeing results fast. I also put on the most weight in a short period of time with prohormones. At the end of the prohormone cycle, especially I didn’t understand PCT, so I lost most of my gains very quickly. I lost about 50% in the first three months. I think a lot of it was due to water weight; prohormones retain a lot of water; I had like puffy face, and my weight go up very quickly sometimes, 15-20 pounds on the cycle, over the course of 4-6 weeks. So I was gaining weight very quickly, but I wasn’t able to maintain it.


Over the last year and a half, I have been using SARMs, and SARMs, to me, are kind of the ultimate when it comes to putting muscle and getting fit. Now that being said, SARMs have the least research when it comes to human use. That’s why I did not approve of human consumption. As I said, I don’t condone their use, so don’t use them. Okay?

So for me, on SARM, I usually start seeing and feeling results in 2-3 days, depending on which one I’m using, and for me, after a SARM cycle, I maintained almost all of the muscle gained on the cycle. I don’t put a lot of muscle when taking SARMs. You can read a lot of forums where people are saying something like, “I took RAD140 for six weeks and 30 pounds of pure, hard muscle”. No! They are just trying to sell you some fake SARMs. So you can’t really trust some forums; there is no way to put on with anything that amount of muscle mass. Unless you have never been to the gym and here you are starting to workout with the best workout plan, best meal plan, you eat a lot, you sleep a lot, and you take a bunch of everything, then yes, you might put on 30pounds of weight, but it won’t be all muscle. Alright?

So keep that in mind. You need to be realistic with your expectations of any product. That being said, most of the muscle I gained on SARMs was good quality muscle, not a huge amount, but I maintained almost everything that I gained per cycle. I don’t think I lost a single pound of muscle that I gained; I’m doing very slow body recomposition.

Since last year I’ve been on TRT, and I’m sure that it helps to some extent maintain the muscle that I gain from using SARMs.

That being said, my TRT dose is keeping me in the natural range of male testosterone levels, so it’s not like I’m taking the superhuman level of testosterone. So it’s feasible if someone does SARMs and does proper PCT; you can also maintain the gains from the SARM cycle. As I said, they are not for human use, so don’t take them. This is just my experience with them.


So overall, I would say SARMs are my preference over both prohormones and steroids. I know I had the least side effects with them. My blood work came back almost normal when I was on a large dose of RAD140. I felt great, I had great strength, I gained a good amount of muscle, and overall, my body likes SARMs the best. As I mentioned before, everyone’s body will react differently, whether you’re taking SARM, prohormone, or steroids. It doesn’t really matter. Your body will act differently than other people. You can’t always predict how your body will react, and if you are going to use any of the PEDs, it’s a good idea to test them individually and see how your body reacts to each of them. So don’t take a massive cycle of stuff where you got a whole conglomeration of different compounds, and when you have side effects, you won’t know which compound is causing these side effects.

So it’s really important if you are going to use these PEDs; take that into consideration. Also, keep in mind that you need to be keeping yourself on PCT and cycle support and all other stuff if you are going to be using any of these products, even prohormones, prohormones are converted into steroids in your body, and they are going to affect you in the same way like shutting down testosterone production or messing up your estrogen level.

A lot of people don’t realize that a lot of prohormones and steroids can cause prolactin side effects. Most people don’t realize that gynecomastia is caused by high prolactin levels. A lot of guys who have gynecomastia are trying to fight it with estrogen blockers or SERMs when they actually need something to reduce prolactin levels. So there goes a lot of things into this; that’s why steroids are controlled substances; they need to be prescribed by a doctor to be used safely. That’s why SARMs are not intended for human consumption; some doctors do prescribe them, especially in health-type clinics; that’s why prohormones are still not dead. I can’t entirely agree with limiting this stuff, but then it’s limited for a reason because you really can mess yourself up for life by experimenting with these in the wrong way. So I hope it will help you guys, that’s my feeling on all three categories, and those are my generalized experiences.