Public Health Links: International

François-Xavier Bagnoud Center for Health & Human Rights

Co-founded by the late Johns Hopkins professor and researcher Dr. Johnathan Mann, the FXB center focuses on health and human rights, particularly in the context of AIDS and humanitarian action. Their site is a comprehensive resource for health and human rights advocacy.

International Committee of the Red Cross

The ICRC is primarily concerned with humanitarian affairs and natural disasters, the ICRC offers valuable information on public health in relief situation and a well-organized section on international humanitarian law.

Pan American Health Organization

PAHO is the branch of the WHO for the Americas. A data-rich site, offers country profiles for North and South America and specific publications on a wide range of public health topics.

U.S. Agency for International Development, Population, Health and Nutrition Section

The USAID website offers the official US policy and resource allocation information for international health and development in specific areas such as HIV/AIDS, child survival, and infectious disease.

United Nations AIDS Programme

A global partnership between several international organization, the UNAIDS programme and its website contain authoritative statistics on the prevalence and incidence of AIDS, a section on human rights, ethics and laws, and the latest EPIinfo software.

United Nations Development Programme

This broad-based agency covers many topics related to development in emerging economies. The AIDS information and the information on energy and environment contain useful public health information.

United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization

In addition to global nutrition statistics, this site includes information on fertilizer and pesticide use, global food quality control and food insecurity.

United Nations Population Fund

This site is particularly useful for international human rights research, it contains a link to the “State of the World” Publication, and other major UN International Reports.

World Health Organization

The most recognized authority in international health, the WHO is the public health “branch” of the United Nations. Their website provides information about the structure, function, and mission of the agency.