The Model State Public Health Privacy Act (MSPHPA)

Developed by Lawrence O. Gostin and James G. Hodge, Jr., in 1999 under the auspices of the CDC and with significant input from an expert advisory group. the Model State Public Health Privacy Act addresses privacy and security issues arising from the acquisition, use, disclosure, and storage of identifiable health information by public health agencies at the state and local levels.

The Act regulates the handling of identifiable, health-related information by public health agencies without significantly limiting the ability of these agencies to use such information for legitimate public health purposes.

For additional information concerning the Act, please see:

Gostin, LO, Hodge, JG, Valdiserri RO. Informational privacy and the public’s health: the model state public health privacy act. American Journal of Public Health 2001; 91:1388- 1392 .

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