Our Mission

The Centers for Law and the Public’s Health: A Collaborative at Johns Hopkins and Georgetown Universities has a multidimensional mission. It includes:

  • Serving as a primary resource on public health law for public health practitioners, lawyers, legislators, policy-makers, advocates, and the public;
  • Improving understanding about how the law affects the prevention of disease and injury through research, education, training, collaboration, and dissemination of information; and
  • Promoting the development and implementation of an effective public health law infrastructure.

The Centers’ specific aims are to:

  • Develop core legal competencies in public health law and corresponding curricula, as well as new training materials as needed;
  • Work with stakeholders and national partners to deliver training sessions and materials useful for public health practitioners, lawyers, legislators, and policymakers;
  • Conduct legal research and analysis in targeted areas relevant to public health law and policy;
  • Examine the public health law infrastructure and make recommendations for needed improvements;
  • Promote communication and collaboration among interest groups through our web site and other communication mediums; and
  • Enhance the visibility and effectiveness of law as a tool for the promotion of the public’s health.