How to Test Steroids for Purity?

  1. Lab Testing: Straight off the bat, a lab test is the most accurate way to check purity. It might sound like a hassle, but bro, you wouldn’t lift without weights, right? Send a sample to a lab that specializes in this stuff. They’ll give you the complete lowdown.
  2. Melting Point Test: Each steroid has a specific melting point. By heating it and observing when it starts to melt, you can know if it’s the real deal. But remember, this isn’t the most accurate method. It’s kinda like estimating your one-rep max without actually lifting the weight.
  3. UV Testing: This one sounds a bit fancy, but stick with me. Steroids will show different characteristics under UV light. If you’ve got access to a UV lamp, you can shine it on your sample and see how it reacts. Again, it ain’t perfect, but it’s another tool in the toolbox.
  4. Taste & Smell: Now, I ain’t recommending you go tasting your stuff, but some people swear by this method. Every compound has its distinct taste and smell. If it’s way off, something might be fishy.
  5. Reagent Testing Kits: These kits can help identify the presence of specific compounds. Drop a bit of the sample onto the reactive pad; if it changes color, you might have a match. Think of it like a litmus test for gains.
  6. Source Verification: The simplest one, but often overlooked. Know where your stuff is coming from. If you’re getting it from some shady dude in the corner of the gym who’s got biceps the size of my calves, maybe rethink that. Always opt for reputable sources.






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