How Long does Ostarine take to Work

Don’t panic! If you are searching for an answer to your question, then you are already an Ostarine user or thinking about using it. If you are already using it(or used it), you might know from experience that it takes time for SARMs to kick. Other muscle-building and fat-burning products like steroids and prohormones also need time to kick in; even creatine needs time. So if you are thinking of using it, then keep reading. If you are already using and not feeling it, keep reading, too, bro.

Most people report that they start to feel Ostarine kicking in after two weeks. What should you feel? Well, you won’t feel like a superman, so don’t expect that, but! You will start to feel more energy boost and longer-lasting energy in the gym. Keep in mind feeling that Ostarine might start to kick in doesn’t mean that you will see results. What do I mean? Well, keep reading… BRO!

Many people report feeling Ostarine kicking in after two weeks, right? But people who started feeling Ostarine kicking in after two weeks only started to see results after four weeks. Well, still, four weeks in bodybuilding are pretty fast, to be honest.

So if you are using or planning to use, you should stick to a minimum of 4 weeks, and I mean minimum, minimum… For best results, you should stick with an 8-week cycle. Just SARMs are chemicals that need to enter your body slowly, and when I wrote, most people reported feeling Ostarine kicking in after two weeks; it might not be the case for you. For you, it can take three or even four weeks to start feeling the power of Ostarine. SARMs are not like sugar, alcohol, or caffeine, where they kick in minutes after drinking it. So if you are on a 4-week cycle, what will you do? Just stop your SARM usage after it starts to kick in?

So the short answer is – it should kick in after 2-4weeks if you are taking it directly as prescribed, eating a healthy diet, and pumping that iron, and you should be on an 8-week cycle for the best result.