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Dianabol, also referred to as the Methandrostenolone, is a testosterone-derived steroid that helps you become big physically within a short period. Chemically referred to as Methandrostenolone, Dianabol is basically the branding given to this widely used drug. The Dianabol name has been attached to the steroid hormone way before the 1980s, which is a reason why the name is interchangeably used with Methandrostenolone. A few other names used to denote Methandrostenolone are Danabol, Anabol, D.-Bomb, and Vetanabol.


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What is Dianabol Steroid?

As mentioned before, Dbol steroid is an anabolic steroid derived from testosterone. It is 17 CAA methylated and safe for oral consumption. Dianabol steroids are known for offering bodybuilding results at a quicker pace and higher intensity than most other anabolic steroids. Most injectable, oil-based steroids take at least a couple of weeks or up to a month to show their impact on the human body. Dianabol pills, on the other hand, give the same (or even better) results within a week. By the third week of the Dbol steroids cycle, you should have gained five to 10 pounds in body weight and will feel stronger than before. The actual weight gain and strength boost, however, would vary across individuals. Thanks to its potency, Dbol pills usually get used as the base drug in various weight gaining or muscle-building cycles.

Dianabol Dosage And Cycles

Dianabol is available in the tablet form – the range being 5 to 50mg. Generally, it’s recommended that you pair Dianabol tablets with some testosterone base. You could even buy Dianabol to use it to kick-start your steroid cycle. For instance, you may run Dianabol cycles at 25 mg per day for eight weeks. During this period, you must also do 350 mg of testosterone a week. This would ensure a huge and strong physique by the fourth week, which is when the testosterone does its thing.

Some could even run Dbol cycles at 50 mg per day for four weeks, extracting as much as they could from their cycle at the highest tolerable dose. Run dosage cycles that would suit your body and training. A lot depends on how well your body tolerates the drug. If you’re starting out, or for general purposes, it’s recommended you run Dbol tablets at lower dosages for extended time periods.

Regardless of how you devise your running cycle, make sure you do not do D-bol tablets for more than eight weeks at a stretch.

Dianabol Results to Expect

Since it’s testosterone-derived, D-bol steroid brings about physical performance enhancements in the strictest sense of the word. It boosts nitrogen retention, glycogenolysis (using consumed carbs in much better ways), and protein synthesis. The following are some of the major uses of D-bol pills.

• Mass Gain

D-bol steroid cycles are designed to help you gain massive muscle mass within a matter of weeks. Remember, the kind of biceps that Popeye popped right after chugging in that can of spinach? Dbol results are close to those, but they are not that instant or do not happen within a day or two. The muscle mass increase could be up to 15 pounds. If gaining muscles or mass has always been difficult for you, Dbol would help open those floodgates.

• Strength

D-bol steroids should offer you a significant increase in strength by the fourth or fifth day of your cycle. In fact, in the department of strength increase, Dbol is on par with Winstrol. You would easily get past plateaus and create new personal bests when you buy Dbol and use it wisely. The weights you normally used for hardcore workout sessions would feel less substantial and would become your warmup weights. That said, the sudden rise in the weights being lifted have led to tendon or ligament damage in some people in the past simply because their bodies couldn’t handle the sudden increase in weights. Therefore, do not go overboard even if there is Dianabol for sale or you can buy Dianabol online for cheap. Increase the weights incrementally and under guidance (if needed). As far as track performance goes, you would become much faster and stronger than before.

How Long Do the Results Last After a Dbol Cycle?

If you are on a solo Dbol cycle, retaining the gains you made during a Dianabol cycle would be extremely difficult. At the end of the cycle, there are high possibilities that you will feel like one deflated balloon. However, if you buy Dbol online and use it with some other steroids such as testosterone, then you would lose only half of the glycogen and water you amassed during the cycle. However, retaining the muscle mass again should not be a problem. A good PCT (post-cycle therapy) would help you retain those gains.

Dianabol Benefits

Dianabol has been relevant for decades in the bodybuilding industry because of the following benefits.

• Increases Free Testosterone

Greater testosterone availability upsurges lean muscle mass; it accelerates muscle recovery after a workout; and also fosters a general sense of wellbeing. Enhanced strength, sustained energy, and optimum health are required for muscle mass growth. During bulking cycles, muscle growth becomes faster and easier due to the presence of Dianabol.

• Enhances Protein Synthesis

Protein synthesis is a biological process that the human body depends on for repairing and replacing damaged proteins. If the broken proteins do not get effectively and efficiently replaced, muscles would grow smaller and weaker. Poor protein synthesis could lead to muscle wastage. Dbol helps with muscle wastage prevention. It sustains the existing mass and helps a muscle grow, both in terms of strength and size. Stronger and larger muscles also come in handy with endurance. This is exactly the reason why most people who buy D-bol and administer them are able to sustain increased energy levels over a stretched time period, even when they work out extremely hard. The high endurance and strength gains – along with protein synthesis – assist with quick muscle healing and recovery. Burnouts become fewer or rare and injury risks are reduced as well.

• Increases Nitrogen Retention

Nitrogen is a crucial aspect of protein. The nitrogen found in amino acids must be preserved during protein synthesis. Moreover, a lot of it must be available to realize quick and optimal muscle gains. Dianabol could lead to leaner and stronger muscle mass. Like most other anabolic steroids, it also increases red blood cell count, thereby facilitating increased oxygen flow throughout the body. RBCs (red blood cells) are oxygen carriers and ensure your muscles get the nutrients they need and also do not lose strength soon. In other words, RBCs ensure you do not feel fatigued or exhausted for long.

• Burns Fat

When your body has a lot more testosterone on the loose, it tends to burn fat quicker. Since D-bol increases free testosterone levels in your body, it helps burn fat and induce weight loss. The most important thing about this is that you would not be losing muscle mass while shedding those unwanted pounds. In other words, you would be able to maintain lean mass and accentuate your muscle gains. The increase in strength experienced is quite similar to the effects derived from Winstrol. This also means decreased overall fatigue or exhaustion. Therefore, buy Methandrostenolone or buy Methandienone whenever you see Methandrostenolone for sale and keep your stocks up always.

Dianabol Side Effects

No steroid is without its share of negatives or drawbacks, and Dianabol is no exception to this rule. When you D-bol online when there is Dbol for sale, you need to be wary of its negative effects. However, unlike most other anabolic steroids, Methandrostenolone is a relatively simple compound. This means the majority of the side or ill effects attached to the steroid are due to cycle misuse and not caused by the inherent traits of the steroid.

• Hinders Natural Testosterone Production

When you start to administer Dianabol, it would shut down the natural testosterone production mechanism of your body. However, you can counter this situation (to an extent) by pairing the steroid with some testosterone base.

• Increases Water Retention

Dianabol could lead to significant water retention within the body – which could lead to medical conditions, such as high blood pressure. A healthy lifestyle and nutritious diet could help curb such issues to a great extent.

• Gynecomastia

Dianabol aromatizes and could lead to gynecomastia, or male boobs. Therefore, having a SERM (selective estrogen receptor modulators), such as Nolvadex, could come in handy if you start them before your Dbol cycle. Unlike injectable, slow-acting steroids, Dbol could grow male breasts overnight. Therefore, going on a Dbol cycle without an AI or SERM is not advisable at all.

• Cholesterol Problems

Dianabol affects the cholesterol levels in your body. It could negatively influence your HDL levels, besides having an impact on your cholesterol levels in general. When you use Dbol repeatedly – without sufficient breaks between cycles or cycles that last beyond eight weeks – your heart disease risks go up too. It goes without mentioning that you should not be administering Dianabol if your cholesterol levels are out of whack.

• Androgenic Effects

Structural hormone modification reduces the ‘androgenicity’ of Dianabol to a great extent. However, it could still lead to acne, hair loss, and a host of other androgenic negative effects if you already have susceptibility to them. In women, Dianabol could cause virilization.

Kindly note, pretty much all the side effects or negatives mentioned above are due to irresponsible or improper usage of the steroid. These issues, therefore, usually arise in first-timers or people who do not pay any attention to Dbol cycle rules. Experienced bodybuilders or individuals who know more than a thing or two about steroid cycling usually do not face major issues with Dbol. The side effects are, therefore, not directly connected with the drug itself but the way you administer it.

Comparing Dianabol Against Superdrol and Anadrol

There is no doubt that the three are potent anabolic steroids. However, it doesn’t mean you can interchange them or swap Dianabol for Superdrol or Anadrol. Dianabol is derived from testosterone. Superdrol, on the other hand, is DHT-derived. Superdrol could help you acquire more mass. However, the side effects would be severe – more than Dianabol.

Same is the case with Anadrol. It could help you develop a lot more mass than Dianabol could ever help you gain. However, the sheer number of side effects that Anadrol brings to the table can completely overshadow all the benefits attached to it.

Dbol Conclusion

Dianabol is an extremely potent and capable anabolic steroid. Its results can be dramatic or overnight – regardless of whether they are positive or negative. Therefore, it’s recommended that you do not buy D-bol online when there is D-bol for sale or methandienone for sale, and administer it without knowing what it truly is and how to use it. When incorporated the right way, Dbol is a great way to start a cycle. If you are keen on putting some weight in a short time period, Dianabol is a wonderful option. Just make sure you are always wary of the side effects and know how to pair it with SERM/AI during the whole cycle. If you keep a tab on the important things, you would be absolutely thrilled by the results.

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