Health Code of Ethics

In 2000, a diverse group of public health professionals was convened
to draft a code of ethics to guide the practice of public health.
A year later, the code was reviewed by ethicists and practitioners
before being posted on the American Public Health Association web
site for review and comment by the public health community at large.
The most recent version of the code is now available on the APHA web
site, although further review and revision is anticipated. The rationale
and background
to the code is also available.

Bank Country Reports on Health, Nutrition, Population, and Poverty

Using data collected from the Demographics and Health Survey program,
the World Bank assembled a serious of country-specific reports on
the relationship between socioeconomic status and health. Regional
reports are also available. Consider the contents of these reports
in light of the article Justice is Good for Our Health by Norman
Daniels, Bruce Kennedy, and Ichiro Kawachi in chapter 3 of the Reader.

Profession, and Values in Public Health

Written by Lawrence O. Gostin for the Association of Schools
of Public Health, this learning module presents background information
on public health ethics as well as case studies which require the
application of ethical principles.