Top Five Advantages Of Purchasing Superdrol

An Introduction to Superdrol

Superdrol, or Methasterone, is often thought to be a prohormone, however it is really an anabolic androgenic steroid (AAS). It is more potent than many other oral steroids available — you will be pushed to find a stronger compound than this one. It has allowed lots of bodybuilders to train with more intensity, and improve their physiques considerably. Users of Superdrol commonly report muscle gains of ten pounds, within four weeks or less. Even more impressively, these gains are in lean muscle tissue, so you can bulk up and shed fat simultaneously.

Superdrol For Sale

Why is Superdrol Popular?

A key factor behind the popularity of this compound is that it increases physical strength effectively. You will begin to feel stronger in a matter of days. Your gym lifts will skyrocket during each session. Countless people who have taken Methasterone say that they could lift more weight than ever before. In addition, users say that this compound increases vascularity and hardens their muscles. You will look broader and thicker while running Superdrol. Better still, this steroid allows muscles to recover quicker. You will be able to complete more gruelling gym sessions, because your muscles will be fresher.

What is it?

As already stated, Superdrol is a strong orally active AAS. It was developed in the fifties, although it was never sold as prescription medication. To reduce the risk of side effects and achieve optimum results, it is vital to create a Methasterone cycle and change the product dosage in line with your requirements. A standard Methasterone cycle lasts for four to six weeks. The cycle length depends on your goals and starting condition. Typically, this compound has a detection time of ten days and a half life of eight to nine hours.

5 Benefits of Superdrol

1. Improved Athletic Performance – There’s no doubt that Methasterone can enhance your performance in the gym dramatically. This is why athletes of all types have used it to get an edge over their competitors. The compound is able to do this, because it raises the quantity of red blood cells in the body. When the body has more red blood cells in it, oxygen levels increase. Once your body has more oxygen circulating around it, you will become fitter and stronger.

2. Additional Muscle – The main thing that motivates bodybuilders to try anabolic steroids is the need to make lean muscle gains, without having to train for longer. In this regard, Methasterone has shown some real potential. Providing you workout regularly and follow a sensible diet, this compound is great for building mass. Superdrol boosts the quantity of nitrogen in your body, which helps to facilitate protein synthesis. This way, muscle tissue that is broken down during an intense workout is rebuilt quickly and effectively, leaving you with notable lean muscle gains.

3. Well Defined Muscles – Lots of anabolic steroids boost the amount of muscle tissue in your body, however they also cause water retention. Consequently, your muscles lack definition and appear bloated. Superdrol does not cause much water retention at all, so – as well as making your muscles appear bulkier — it also enhances them sufficiently to be visible from afar. Many users of this steroid report increased vascularity as one of the effects.

4. Fast Recovery Times – Although good workout performance is important to accomplish your fitness goals, the time it takes your body to recover from vigorous exercise also impacts your progress significantly. If you can not rebuild broken down muscles quick enough, you will lose muscle mass rather than gain it. By increasing the rate of protein replenishment, Methasterone facilitates your workout recovery and develops your preferred physique quicker.

5. Orally Consumed Steroid – In contrast to the majority of modern anabolic steroids, which have to be injected on a daily basis, Methasterone can be orally consumed. This makes the whole process of taking steroids more comfortable, and enables you to receive your dose on the move.

Negative Side Effects

Superdrol does not have as many side effects as a lot of other anabolic steroids on the market, however it still has various health risks to be mindful of. If you overuse it, it can cause some liver damage, which is why bodybuilders only tend to consume it for a number of weeks. As well as this, it can result in hair loss, raised blood pressure, acne and testosterone reduction. It is worth pointing out though, that not everyone who uses it experiences side effects. Indeed, there are cases of people taking Methasterone and not noticing any side effects at all. To reduce the chance of harming your liver, it is wise to stack liver supplements, like milk thistle and NAC, and use after cycle therapy to recover.

How is it Taken?

For people who are new to training, the best daily dosage of Methasterone is ten mg. For intermediate gym goers, twenty mg each day is recommended. For established bodybuilders, the optimal daily dosage is thirty mg. In this situation, it is better to restrict the cycle to four weeks, then monitor your physical condition carefully throughout every stage of the cycle. A cycle lasting six weeks enables you to start taking the steroid gradually, and gauge the possible negative/positive impact it might have on your physique and health. Even if you only take the smallest dosage, it is not advisable to take Methasterone for over six weeks. Instead, you should rest your body and allow it some time to recover. If you can, it is sensible to split your dosage of the steroid into a couple or a few servings each day. This will minimize side effects and make the steroid work more efficiently.

Where can you buy Superdrol?

In America and the United Kingdom, Superdrol is classed as a scheduled drug and can not be sold to the public over the counter. However, there are several online vendors who offer Superdrol for sale in their Internet stores. Online vendors nearly always charge less than offline retail outlets. When purchasing on the web, it is important to do your homework and ensure that the vendor you use has a solid track record and positive reputation. Generally speaking, the price of Methasterone is about $60, although this might differ based on where you live.


Superdrol has been a popular innovative steroid for bodybuilders since the nineties. At the peak of its’ popularity, it was regarded as highly advanced – and it made a big impact on the bodybuilding market in many ways. The compound is sufficiently versatile for use in both a bulking or cutting cycle. Because it is known to add muscle mass, it can work well during a bulking phase. Because it produces lean gains without increasing appetite, it is suitable for a cutting phase too.

Even after just a few weeks, the results reported by users are extremely impressive. With a moderate twenty mg per day dosage, this steroid is excellent for adding mass rapidly. Another point to mention is that you will experience a major increase in your physical strength. It is fairly common for users to add fifty pounds to their main lifts, during a four week cycle. Overall, Superdrol is one of the most effective steroids being sold online today. You can begin with a small dose, and you will find that it gets to work almost straightaway — usually within one or two hours. Your muscle hardness, strength and vascularity will improve before you know it.

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