The Truth About Top 9 SARMs For Sale

Admit it. If you are just starting the bodybuilding experience, then you’ve probably considered using anabolic steroids at some point. Be very careful. Avoid the dangerous traps that other weightlifters have fallen into. Some thoughtful and thorough research can keep you safe from harm. You may have heard others talk about SARMs. Bodybuilders and athletes seem to swear by their positive effects. Now you want some high-quality information on SARMs supplements. You may have even tried to find SARMs for sale. But before you buy, get the facts. You should absolutely know what you are taking before you take it. Achieve your bodybuilding goals without seriously damaging yourself and your health along the way.

What is SARMs?

A Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator, or SARM is a type of medicinal drug. SARMs share some basic similarities with anabolic steroids. However, these drugs have fewer of the side effects that can come from taking androgens. These side effects commonly include damage to the liver, a deepened voice, acne, breast-tissue development and smaller testes. SARMs can stimulate anabolism, helping you to build and recover muscle strength much more quickly. A SARMs supplement only works on selected tissue. This avoids most of the side effects of anabolic steroids, which work on many more body tissue types. SARMs lack of androgenic effects makes them highly useful for medical treatments such as osteoporosis and cancer. Later, you will find out how to properly use and dose SARMs to reach your goals whether you want to build muscle or reduce your body fat. You will also find out more about the risks. We will also dive into the fact vs. myths involved with SARMs. Finally, we will answer your questions about where is the best place to buy SARMs.

Are SARMs Steroids?

SARMs are definitely NOT anabolic steroids. Muscle and fat tissue are the main targets of SARMs. Steroids however affect the whole body. The androgens stimulated by SARMs are solely linked to muscle recovery or development. SARM supplements work by triggering the production of testosterone. This leads to the development of a more manly body and greater overall strength. SARMs can give you more closely targeted results than anabolic steroids. However, you should be realistic. You won’t look like those crazy internet photographs. But the best SARMs on the market can provide high-quality gains. SARMs can provide these gains without many of the drawbacks or damage that come from prohormones. Anabolic steroids lead at producing raw gains. These gains come at a cost though. For example, anabolic steroid use is linked to liver damage. Also, anabolic steroid use strains vital organs like the heart, brain and kidneys. Other side-effects of anabolic steroids include increased aggression and sudden changes in mood. Ultimately, it’s not worth it. Your health is too important to be sacrificed for cheap gains. SARMs, when used together with a healthy diet and a good exercise routine, are much safer.

How to Take SARM Pills

Dosages vary depending on your individual needs, fitness experience and goals. SARMs come in different forms including liquid, powders and capsules. Whatever dose you take should be split into either two or three daily doses. Pay careful attention to the manufacturer’s recommended limits. There is no single right dose for everyone. Keep in mind that these drugs are still being actively researched. No clinical findings have established a perfect dose. Take the time to do effective high quality research on existing SARM reviews. This will make an informed decision much easier. Be careful of the concentration. If you want to buy selective androgen receptor modulator, buy the version that is right for you. You want the best results without potentially taking too much. For more information on stacking, get advice from the manufacturer or even other users of the compound.

Are SARMs Legal?

Doctors originally used SARM pills to help treatment of significant medical issues. These illnesses included muscle wasting sicknesses and other conditions linked to aging. Muscle gains were not the main concern. The lack of androgen-related adverse side effects recommended their use. Despite these important medical uses, SARMs are not yet approved for use outside of research. The safety of these drugs is a subject of ongoing study. However, supplement sellers get around this by labelling the drugs with alphanumeric code names to make it easier for buyers. It is not illegal to buy SARMs, unlike pro-hormones. While prohormones give better results, most are illegal to buy over the counter and resemble anabolic steroids in their effects. Even so, pro-hormones are difficult to find, making SARMs the better choice.

Top 9 Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators for Sale

Be careful. Not every SARM for sale is alike. Some have different benefits and will react with your body differently. You will need to use trial and error to figure out which is best for you. Doing research to find the best SARMs helps immensely. This SARM supplement review will make it much easier for you to decide what you need. Here you will find nine of the best selective androgen receptor modulators and how they can help you.

1) SR9009 (Stenabolic)

SR9009 (Stenabolic)

Researchers are studying SR9009 for its effects on circadian rhythm. No clinical studies on SR9009 have yet been published. The drug was developed primarily for athletes, weightlifters and bodybuilders. But it also shows some promise in improving the health of those outside those groups. Early results suggest it can help with reducing cholesterol, improving endurance, keeping a healthy weight and lowering anxiety.

The circadian rhythm describes the 24-hour cycle of changes that human bodies go through each day. This pattern changes when you awake in the morning and go to sleep at night. The mechanics involve a pair of master genes known as BMAL1 and CLOCK which switch on and off in a loop-like manner. A pair of proteins called REV-ERBs turns off BMAL1. This helps stabilize the body’s internal timing mechanism. Here’s where Stenabolic SR9009 comes in. Easily absorbed, it enhances the activity of REV-ERBs.

Sometimes described as “exercise in a bottle” or “cardio in a pill”, SR9009 may be considered the best selective androgen receptor modulator. It is effective for producing energy and assisting with loss of body fat. Some research shows that SR9009 is effective for boosting muscle metabolism. This leads to increased endurance and improved stamina, much like an intense gym workout. These effects are long-lasting, up to several hours. Your muscles maintain a high resting metabolism rate even long after the workout stops. An awesome benefit to this is that you continue to burn a higher than normal amount of calories for the rest of the day. Another benefit is staying more alert during workouts. This helps in avoiding workout injuries that can come from inattention. The upshot to all of this is that SR9009 may help you reach your fitness goals much faster.

Professional athletes use it to improve performance. The drug helps your body to burn its internal fuel at an optimal rate. The energy your body gets from sugars and fats is metabolized more readily, optimizing performance. Less sugar turned into fat means higher performance on the field. SR9009 also is useful for weight loss. This comes from its impact on cholesterol reduction in the liver. Overall SR9009 is useful for those trying to lose weight and those who are sticking to a diet. In addition, it’s helpful for individuals struggling with diabetes and those at risk of heart disease.

No official recommended dosages for SR9009 have been clinically established. The informally recommended dose is 10-30 mg/day split into three doses, that is 3-10mg three times daily. Take it about an hour before your gym workout for best results. It does have a very short half-life so it needs to be taken right before a workout for maximum effect. As always, for those who are at risk of stroke, who have diabetes or are at risk of diabetes should first talk to a doctor before using this drug. It may have serious interactions with other medicines. Also consider stacking it with 20mg of Cardarine for enhanced fat burning.

Reported side effects are minimal unless abused or used in excess. Some side-effects include dizziness, acne, sleeplessness and acid reflux. Consult a doctor or reduce the dose if these occur. Stenabolic has no known effects on the female reproductive cycle. This means there is no need for a post-cycle therapy. Also the supplements are not known from clinical research to be addictive. However women who are looking to become pregnant, are pregnant or breastfeeding must not use this.

2) MK-677 (Ibutamoren/Nutrobal)

MK-677 (Ibutamoren/Nutrobal)

Although Ibutamoren is marketed as a SARM, its function is somewhat different than other SARMs. It does however have somewhat similar benefits. Ibutamoren raises levels of a hormone called insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1). While cycling, this hormone does not interfere with either testosterone or other hormone levels. It mimics the behavior of an appetite-regulation hormone called ghrelin by attaching itself to its receptors. Appetite is linked to energy expenditure. The action of ghrelin stimulates the production of the growth hormone HGH which indirectly raises metabolism and helps to burn excess body fat.

Frequently, those looking to bulk and build muscle density use Nutrobal, often stacked with other SARMs. Because of its use to prevent muscle wasting, some use it during the cutting cycle to protect muscle mass from consumption. The typically cited dose is 10-25 mg per day. Consider adding MK 677 during the cycle to improve recovery of the muscles and HGH levels. For those concerned with building muscle, Ibutamoren can help.

MK-677 also supports better hair and skin as well as faster restoration of muscle tissue. Unlike many other products in this area, MK-677 promotes healthy sleep while improving performance. Nutrobal is being studied as a treatment for bone-related degeneration disorders and growth hormone deficits. Side effects from higher doses may include water retention, higher blood sugar levels, increased appetite and lethargy on waking.

3) MK-2866 (Ostarine/Enobosarm)

MK-2866 (Ostarine/Enobosarm)

The SARM known as MK-2866 behaves much like testosterone. While lacking official medical approval, researchers believe that it affects bone and muscle tissue. It is generally believed to be among the mildest and safest of the SARMs. Thus Enobosarm is highly endorsed for those just starting out. It helps maintain muscle mass and slows down muscle breakdown. During a calorie deficit cycle, muscle may be broken down and used for energy. For those on an intense cutting cycle, MK-2866 may help preserve muscle gains while allowing fat to be preferentially burned. During workouts at the gym, you will see your endurance and strength enhanced. Usually Ostarine cycles last eight weeks with a 10-25 mg daily dose. Do not exceed this recommended dose. It could lead to male fertility issues, tiredness, and poor sleep from testosterone suppression.

There are a wide number of ways you can use this drug. These include cutting, bulking up and recomping. Ostarine is good for almost anything you want to do fitness-wise. You should see some results on the scales as soon as the first cycle. Typically, you’ll start to see the benefits by the second week. As you come to understand how it works, by the second and third cycles, the lean muscle mass gains should be evident. Many are under the impression that Enobosarm is just effective for cutting body fat. Many enjoy the benefit of significant gains in lean muscle mass as well. This differs from getting the same results from steroids. The lack of side effects makes progress faster without giving up your health.

4) LGD 4033 (Ligandrol)

LGD 4033 (Ligandrol)

Ligand Pharma originally developed this popular drug to help stop muscle loss for cancer patients. However this performance enhancer was discovered to be useful for building lean body mass and expanding vascularity. It can have effects like breaking skin during muscle pumps as well as providing popping veins. LGD 4033, an anabolic agent which acts selectively, works on muscle mass and increases bone density. It is effective without significant side effects on other organs like the prostate, hair or skin. It also does not significantly impact blood pressure.

It is also a favorite with the frequent gym set due to its ability to build muscle. Its main claim to fame is improving gains in strength and bulking up. SARMs reviews reveal that it can help even fitness enthusiasts get into better shape. Gains start to appear up to one or two weeks later. By the second cycle, you can ramp up the weight and intensity of the training and bring on even more growth. With Ligandrol, recovery from your workouts is intense. You can now continue to raise the intensity of the workout while keeping your gains. If you want quicker gains, even in low doses, you can grow quickly during bulking. Ligandrol, like Ostarine, maintains muscle mass during the cutting cycle. You can lose the excess fat while keeping the muscle gains.

LGD 4033 is generally well-tolerated. There is no documentation for any highly significant side effects. There are however some symptoms associated with use. Please understand them before you buy SARM. Minor side effects include nausea, bloating, tiredness and headaches. Having a good, legitimate source to buy selective androgen receptor modulators and using the correct dose is key. If you do this, you should be okay. For beginners, start with 5 mg per day. To build lean muscle and improve strength, go up to 5-10 mg per day. Be prepared for astounding gains for a single cycle, up to 10-15 pounds.

5) S23


S-23 has a surprising background. It became noticed for its potential use as a male contraceptive. It is however believed that any infertility is short-lived and goes away after you stop taking it. Researchers are studying its use to raise female libido, reversing loss of muscle and boosting bone density. Despite the lack of study on human subjects, some in the sports world have used it experimentally for its muscle-building effects. S23 SARM works by binding to androgen receptors. This elevates the genetic activity that regulates the production of proteins involved in muscle synthesis. It also sends chemical signals to bones to help produce more cells, improving bone density and strength.

Its use as male birth control stems from suppressing the hormones that control sperm production. The effect is dose-dependent, with higher doses having smaller effects. Don’t be too concerned with this however. The effects on male fertility are not permanent and are reversed when the drug is no longer used.

For women, S-23 is claimed to increase libido for those undergoing menopause. The cause of low libido is usually attributed to reduced sex hormones. Doctors normally provide testosterone prescriptions to remedy this. Research suggests that S-23 may be safer than the standard hormone treatments.

In addition to the benefits in the bedroom, S-23 is good for burning fat. For those looking to put on a lot of muscle, it is often used to add lean muscle while avoiding putting on excess fat. If you are reducing your calories, avoiding muscle breakdown is a key goal. S-23 helps to stop the muscle wasting. You only put off the fat during the clean-bulk cycle. Well-knowledgable fitness buffs who use the product suggest a dose of about 10-30 mg per day. Start low for the first cycle. Keep track of how you respond to this SARM before ramping it up on the following cycles.

6) Andarine S4 (S-40503)

S-4 (Andarine/S-40503)

Researchers developed Andarine with the goal of treating muscle atrophy and osteoporosis. It was initially thought to be the best SARM. This was due to its high quality effects on muscle growth and bone building. The high rate of absorption when taken orally was also seen as a major advantage. It works much like testosterone by activating the same biological systems. Some believe S-4 is a much weaker SARM than previously understood. However, it does work most effectively at smaller doses. It is easily absorbed and you can expect good results quickly. Also, S-4 does not decompose into other hormones so its impact on health are fairly mild. The half-life is short, about three hours. For maximum effect, break the daily dose into parts to be taken multiple times a day. This ensures a consistent level of the drug in the body. 50 mg per day split into 2-3 doses is recommended. First-timers generally report excellent results with a starting dose of 25 mg/day.

On-going research into S-4 suggests increases strength, endurance and energy. S-4 appears to raise testosterone levels and boost metabolism. This supports weight loss and the building of lean muscle. Andarine has become renowned in athletic circles with those who do bulking and cutting. Others recommend using it to treat benign prostate hyperplasia in older men. This is because it prevents natural hormones like DHT from stimulating prostate activity.

Research is divided about claims of small-scale suppression of natural testosterone production. Many of these claims have not been substantiated. S-4 could potentially cause vision problems. If using, be careful to watch your reactions and change dosing as needed. Researchers believe that reducing dosages will not cause issues with the hypothalamus or the pituitary glands. This suggests that no post-cycle therapy would be needed.

7) YK11


Those looking to buy SARMs online will likely come across YK-11. While considered as a SARM because of how it affects the body, how it does so is different. YK-11 does not act on the same androgen receptors as other SARMs. It works by inhibiting a protein that is responsible for muscle growth. It is based on a form of synthetic DHT – a more potent form of testosterone. It triggers increased production of a protein called follistatin which builds muscle. Both animal and human studies show YK 11 initiates the lean muscle growth far more than otherwise expected.

This is not a steroidal drug. Do not expect large gains in a short period of time. Used consistently, you can expect enhanced gains in both mass and bone health. Testimonials from weightlifters suggest substantive loss of body fat and gain in muscle mass with few side effects. Research also suggests YK-11 keeps bones strong. This is from its effect on proteins which promote bone growth and new bone cell development. Typical dosing ranges from 10 to 15 mg/day for bodybuilders.

8) GW-501516 (Cardarine/Endurobol)

GW-501516 (Cardarine/Endurobol)

Despite the fact that Cardarine is marketed as a selective androgen receptor modulator for sale, what it really does is activate a completely different type of receptor. Ligand Pharmaceuticals first designed it to treat those with metabolic conditions and those with heart issues. Other uses included trials for various cancers. GW-501516 works by activating genes responsible for metabolizing fatty acids and thus increasing energy expenditure. When it was being tested in trials, researchers found that Cardarine improved both vascular well-being and lipid profiles. It is theorized that it could help boost endurance and speed wound healing. GW-501516 could also help with fat burning and treating type-2 diabetes. It also shows promise in improving the “good” HDL cholesterol levels.

While not being a SARM, Endurobol functions much like one. People who go hard at the gym and weightlifters enjoy it for its numerous benefits. These include increased stamina, better heart performance and reduced body fat. It’s also good for gaining body mass. And it does this without many of the bad side effects of anabolic steroids like liver failure and shrunken testicles. GW-501516 has even more spectacular benefits – like helping damaged liver cells. During fat metabolism, the compound helps fight fat deposits through stopping production of fatty-acid chains. During periods of reduced calorie intake, it helps your body prefer fat metabolism over muscle breakdown. Even more surprising, Cardarine may help muscle recovery by increasing oxygen uptake to the muscles. A well-balanced low calorie intake diet plus regular exercise only improves the effects.

Smaller dosages are more effective. The low end dose goes from 10-20 mg per day. For those new to this, start here. The half-life is somewhere between 10 to 24 hours. This means you need to divide the daily dose in two. Some recommend stacking this with Andarine or Ostarine for even greater results. Human studies have not shown serious side effects. However, a clinical trial in mice suggested that the development of cancer-type cells is possible with very high doses. For the first cycle, headaches are a typical experience.

9) RAD-140 (Testolone)

RAD-140 (Testolone)

This is considered by many to be the strongest SARM available. It is currently being studied by the Radius Health pharmaceutical company. If it’s lean mass you are after, compared to other SARMs before and after, RAD 140 stands out. Even at the low end of the dosing spectrum (about 10 mg/day), you will begin to see changes as soon as the first week. Once you get to the fourth week, the changes in strength will be notable. You will also have put on some clean weight. For those looking to emphasize the full and deep vascular look, Testolone is a highly attractive option.

Be warned though. Testolone can be androgen suppressive, though not necessarily for everyone. This can manifest itself with headaches and joint pain, along with occasional sleeplessness and fatigue. However, these symptoms tend to show up in the later weeks. For newbies to RAD-140, 10 mg per day is probably best. For those more experienced, going up to 20 mg is probably safe. Also think about stacking with Andarine, Ligandrol, MK-677 and SR-9009. Keep your cycles to 8-10 weeks. This reduces the likelihood of suppression. Also be sure to do something effective for post-cycle treatment. Some of the milder side effects include aggressiveness, headache and short temper. These are usually manageable. Also they tend to occur only with larger doses. Ensure the product you are taking is of very high quality.

Where to Buy SARMs For Bodybuilding

You have now reviewed the top 9 SARM and have a better understanding of what they do. You can now feel more confident about buying them. There are significant benefits to be reaped especially if you are using the best SARM stack and not single bottles(you should read more about top SARMs cutting stack and top SARMs bulking stack), but it is critically important to get real product(like in our list). We would also like to mention some products, that didn’t make to our top SARM list: ACP 105, LGD 3303, AC-262, Arimistane.

Still if you decide to buy from others then use extreme caution about your sourcing and what dosage you take. The best place to buy SARMs is from a proper, reliable and genuine seller. To avoid serious complications, only buy verifiable quality product and take according to manufacturer recommendations. There are many websites that charge excessive prices for cheap, low-quality products. Ask for validation from a trusted outside source. Any reputable and genuine vendor will always give this.

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