Best Prohormones For Cutting

Best Prohormone Stack For Cutting

As you probably know, the cutting cycle is particularly important because it strips the unwanted fat from your muscles, improving the quality and aesthetics of your muscles. Of course, to achieve a chiseled physique, you need to get rid of the excess fat in your muscles. However, for a cutting cycle to be successful, you need to perform the right exercises, eat the right foods, and use the right prohormone. Below is some more information about cutting prohormones.

Diet and Cutting Prohormones

Without the right diet, even the best prohormones for cutting will not produce the desired results. In essence, the right cutting diet is one that would allow you to be in a calorie deficit without losing your muscle mass. More specifically, at the beginning of your cycle, you should eat as much protein as possible, meaning you should be on a high-protein diet. In other words, you should eat more white meat such as chicken and fish, as well as drink a lot of milk. Because prohormones promote protein synthesis, such a high-protein diet is particularly important at this stage. More specifically, your body will use the additional protein to build lean muscle mass. At the same time, the extra protein will rev up your metabolism, allowing you to burn more fat without necessarily losing muscle mass.

One of the disadvantages of a high-protein diet is it may leave you feeling weak in the gymnasium. If you experience this problem, you should not switch to a high-carb diet. Instead, you should boost your energy levels with a pre-workout prohormone, allowing you to work out longer and harder. Of course, you will need to up our carbohydrate intake eventually. This right time to do this is as you approach the end of your cycle. In essence, when you get to this stage, you should increase your carbohydrate intake gradually to boost your energy levels, especially when working out in the gymnasium. In fact, you should lower your protein intake as your approach the end of your cutting cycle because your protein synthesis will likely be reverting to its base levels, meaning any extra protein you consume will go to waste.

Exercise and Cutting Prohormones

Similar to diet, you also need to adjust your exercise regimen when using cutting prohormones, especially at the latter half of your cycle, allowing you to get maximum gains from your cycle. Fortunately, you do not necessarily need to make major adjustments to your exercise regimen. In particular, during this stage, your workout regimen should focus more on reps rather than weight. To put it another way, your objective here should be to attain high reps with lighter weights. Remember, prohormones for cutting will boost your strength and stamina, allowing you to exercise longer and harder. However, when you stop using these prohormones, you will likely lose the strength and stamina gains, meaning you performance in the gymnasium will decline. To counter this effect, lower your reps and use heavier weights as you approach the end of your cutting cycle. If you do this, you will continue to burn fat as well as make muscle gains post-cycle, albeit at a much slower rate.

Post-Cycle Therapy

Depending on the specific prohormone or prohormone stack, a typically cutting cycle lasts anywhere from four to six weeks. However, after every cycle, you should do proper post-cycle therapy (PCT) to allow your body to replenish its natural testosterone levels, allowing your body to continue the cutting process without the help of a prohormone. Similar to a cutting cycle, post-cycle therapy should last anywhere from four to six weeks after a cycle.


The best cutting prohormones help you burn fat faster, leaving you with well-defined lean muscles. However, for these prohormones to produce the best results, you need to alter your diet and exercise regimen accordingly. In particular, you should adopt a high-protein during the first half of your cycle and then increase your carbohydrate intake gradually during the latter half of your cutting cycle. On the exercise front, you should focus on hitting high reps with lighter weights. This will ensure you remain motivated post-cycle when you lose some of your strength and stamina gains. Finally, you should always do post-cycle therapy between cycles.