Best Bulking Prohormones

Bulking Prohormone Stack

Prohormones are compounds that get converted to anabolic hormones through an enzymatic process in the human body. In other words, you can significantly boost your muscle strength and gains when administering prohormones. These products will help you develop a muscular physique by improving protein synthesis and production in your body. When cycled the right way, you can gain some truly massive strength, considerable muscle mass, and develop fuller muscles. Most importantly, you will not have to put up with excess water retention issues.

Prohormones make their presence felt via several unique pathways – via their influences on the human body’s estrogenic, androgenic, and progestogenic receptors. Whether you are a professional bodybuilder or athlete or a total amateur, prohormones can significantly cut down the amount of time you spend in a gym without compromising on the results. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best bulking prohormones money can buy.

Choosing the Best Prohormones for Bulking

High-quality bulking prohormones are all about increased power, strength, and endurance. In fact, you should be looking for these three attributes when shopping for the best prohormones for bulking. To boost results, you could consider stacking prohormones so that you experience improved muscle definition, enhanced muscle strength and mass, and improved endurance.

Best Bulking Prohormones

Bulking is basically increasing your calorie intake and adding more fat and muscle mass to your body. Bulking could be done in a couple of ways: clean bulk and dry bulk. A clean bulk indicates adding additional calories by eating primarily healthy foods. A dirty bulk basically has no such food restrictions. The prohormones mentioned below may help with both forms of bulking or either of the two.

• Androtest

Androtest 4-AD, by Fusion Supplements, is quite a popular and effective bulking prohormone doing the rounds currently. The supplement employs a delivery mechanism that entails cyclodextrin. This delivery system boosts the effectiveness of the prohormone compared to PH products of yore – particularly the early 2000’s. The prohormone isn’t methylated, which means it’s non-toxic or won’t harm your liver unlike the methylated variants. Androtest boosts your testosterone levels. Therefore, people who do not fancy the thought of injecting testosterone would find a great oral alternative in the form of Androtest. As far as results to expect are concerned, the prohormone would deliver strength increase and rapid gains in muscle mass. The cyclodextrin delivery mechanism ensures optimal utilization and absorption of 4-AD, besides making it stackable with any other prohormone for increased strength and muscle gains.

• Nandrolone

Nandrolone is ideal for beginners looking to bulk and people who are extremely cautious of the side effects attached to prohormones. Nandrolone is an androgen that is favored by bodybuilders since it could be highly anabolic and still exhibit minimal androgenicity. Made popular by Deca-Durabolin, nandrolone is usually combined with testosterone for lean muscle mass gains. As alluded to earlier, it’s devoid of androgenic side effects like hair loss and acne that are usually identified with steroids. Moreover, the supplement isn’t methylated, which means there is no undue stress on your liver while you’re on the drug. In other words, nandrolone is the ideal prohormone with hepatotoxic and androgenic sides. Though nandrolone has been designed to help you accumulate pure lean body mass, it causes a certain increase in water weight too.

• Havoc

A RPN offering, Havoc is ideal for promoting lean, solid muscle mass with a simultaneous decrease in estrogen levels. This ensures significant strength gains and a drier physique. If you are seeking muscle mass increase and also vascularity, Havoc is your ideal prohormone. Also, Havoc is used for combating gynecomastia since it has anti-estrogen traits. This also means endogenous testosterone levels get suppressed much more effectively compared to other prohormones.

• Liquidien

Liquidien is a lot more potent prohormone for bulking compared to Estrabolean since it doesn’t involve enzymatic conversions. The prohormone has a similar composition to the now erstwhile Dienazone. Since Liquidien is a lot more potent, it offers greater strength and muscle gains. If you are looking for some rapid increase in strength and muscle without estrogenic side effects, Liquidien is your best bet.

• Cynostane

Cynostane is fairly new compared to other prohormones on this list. Made by Anabolic Innovations, Cynostane is highly anabolic and has low androgenic action, which makes it quite similar to oxandrolone, methenolone, and the likes. It’s non-aromatizing too, which means you would not have to put up with estrogen-induced side effects. And since it’s highly anabolic, you could be absolutely certain of increasing or maintaining muscle mass without having to worry about losing body fat. Cynostane has solid recomposition effects, which also make it perfect while you’re on a diet. If you are considering using it for bulking, you must increase your calorie intake significantly.