Top Benefits Of Andarine S4

If you have been working out consistently, I have to congratulate you because it takes tons of effort and discipline to do this. The good news is that your efforts will be rewarded eventually with a perfect body shape, physical fitness and good health. Now, I have to point out that there are times your efforts may not be enough to meet your goals. This means you need drugs to motivate you but you have to be very careful here. You should avoid steroids because they have side effects that are bad for your health. The smart move is to go for a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM). This will give you all the benefits of steroids without the side effects. In this context, your best bet is Andarine S4. This wonderful drug offers you great benefits and the best part is that it is very safe. Read the review below and you will understand why you should go for this SARM.

Andarine S-4 (S-40503)

What Exactly is Andarine?

Andarine S4 is a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) known to be even more powerful than other (SARMs). This drug was originally manufactured to treat wasting diseases like dystrophy, osteoporosis and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). The company behind this drug (GTX) produced this drug hoping it would be an improvement over other drugs used to treat these conditions. In particular the manufacturers of S4 wanted a drug that would give patients immense benefits without the side effects associated with drugs like Finasteride. As it turned out, Andarine S4 became famous for other reasons. This drug has proven very useful for weightlifters and bodybuilders because it helps them train and perform at optimum levels. The best part is that people using this drug do not have to cope with all the side effects associated with steroids. At the moment doctors will not prescribe this drug to you but you can buy Andarine S4 from reputable online and offline suppliers of the product.

How S4 SARM Works

This drug is quite different from the common steroids out there because it works in an entirely different way. While other artificial steroids bind to all androgen receptors, the Andarine S4 binds selectively to certain androgen receptors. In effect it works on bones and muscles and not on the sex organs. This distinguishing feature means that it is specific in its functions. It targets receptors in bones and skeletal muscles only. The result is that it boosts stamina, boosts lean muscle mass and it enhances the synthesis of protein and anabolism. Talking about the androgenic effects of S4, it has a fast-acting half-life of 4 hours and its potential is a third of that of testosterone. Unlike testosterone, it does not convert to estrogen or DHT. It is designed to block dihydrotestosterone (DHT) from binding to prostate receptors. This is why it has the potential to reduce prostate size when it is administered at the right doses.

Reasons You Should buy SARM S4

If you are looking for the perfect drug to make your muscles stronger, Andarine S4 for sale is the perfect drug for you. This drug is a safe treatment for osteoporosis, muscle wasting and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). It increases bone density and helps you build bigger and stronger muscles. For post-menopausal women, this is the perfect treatment because it works without any risk of masculinity or virilization. Below is a fairly long list of top S4 Andarine benefits.


One of the top benefits of Andarine S4 is that it gives you increased vascularity. This means you can work harder, build bigger muscles and generally achieve your goals faster. Look for S4 SARM for sale, buy this product and you will enjoy the benefit it offers you in the area of pumps and vascularity. In fact, it is safe to state that this drug increases your strength, makes you stronger and gives you that sculpted figure you have always wanted.

Muscle Hardening

If you buy S4 SARM and start using it, you will notice a number of things almost immediately. Andarine S4 will dry the muscles out and make them look harder. In fact, once you buy S4 SARM, you should expect dramatic changes within a fortnight. Unlike steroids, you will not experience muscle cramps or dry joints when you buy and use Andarine S4. This means you don’t have to buy many different supplements while you work out.

Lean Muscle Gain

One thing about this supplement is that it helps you gain lean muscle in record time. Unlike other products that cause water retention, SARM S4 for sale helps you develop lean muscle without any issues of water retention. Another benefit is that you can even maintain the muscle you have gained even during the off-cycle period.

Weight Loss

There is a popular misconception that when people use Andarine, the hardened muscles make the body look leaner. The truth of the matter is that S4 is a strong androgen receptor. It is an agonist and this means it increases fat oxidation. Other fat burning pills may offer a more drastic fat loss result than Andarine S4 but the truth is that Andarine is a safer solution for people who are looking to shed a few excess pounds. Some of the strong points of this drug include the fact that smaller doses of Andarine will give you significant body transformations. Again, this drug does not get to the stage of aromatization where testosterone gets converted to estrogen. The result is that this prevents estrogenic consequences like hair loss, gynecomastia and water retention. What this drug does for you is that it safely increases the level of testosterone and this results in more strength, energy, stamina and endurance. This gives you the ability to do more and achieve your goals. This drug also increases metabolism and his enhances weight loss.


One reason many people buy Andarine S4 for sale is that it helps them meet their bulking goals easily. Even with relatively little calorific consumption, many users of this drug have noticed significant gains in both muscle mass and strength. In simple English, this drug can help you increase gym training without getting tired. Andarine S4 has excellent fat oxidation qualities and this helps users reduce fat deposits easily. In effect, users of this product can maintain decent body weight by converting fat into tissues. This is exactly what bodybuilders dream about and this is why they are happy to buy Andarine S4. For better results, you can even stack Andarine with other SARMs pills.


This is the one area where Andarine stands head and shoulder above other drugs. Andarine helps you with recomposition and does so in a very safe manner. To make things clear, recomposition is the process of cutting fat and increasing muscle mass simultaneously. When you take Andarine, you can shed pounds and kilograms of fat while you simultaneously gain muscle mass. For best results, you can combine Andarine S4 with Ostarine or Cardarine for eight weeks. This will give you amazing results.

Andarine Dosage

When it comes to Andarine dosage, one size does not fil all. To a large extent, the amount of S4 you take depends on how your body responds to the drug. You can start with 25 mg per day then raise it to 50 mg per day. If you don’t notice any negative reactions, you can go as high 75 mg per day until you complete the cycle. Note that the dosage above applies to men. Women should start with 15 mg per day then raise it to 25 mg per day. One thing you should note is that you cannot incorporate multiple compounds during the first cycle. Just keep things simple and you will achieve your goals. As you go along, you might want to add related drugs for better results. For boosting endurance, you can combine your normal 25mg-50mg of S4 with 20mg of Cardarine per day. When bulking, an additional 10mg per day of Anabolicum in addition to your normal dose of best Andarine S4 (20-25MG OF s4 per day) will give you great results. You can boost strength training with 50mg of S4 per day along with 10mg of Ligandrol per day.

Andarine S4 Cycles

Regardless of dosage, the recommended cycle is eight weeks. After the first cycle, you should see some positive results and this should motivate you to do more. It is not advisable to exceed eight weeks because at this time, you are already coping with certain effects of the cycle so you need to give your body time to rest and recover. Remember that when you buy Andarine S4, you should start with just 25mg per day and watch how your body responds to this. You can always increase the dosage in accordance with your needs.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Andarine?

A decent Andarine review or SARM S4 review should contain factual information so that the readers will make informed decisions. Andarine, like every other drug out there, has side effects. The good thing is that the side effects are reversible. People on this drug may experience temporary blurry vision. If you experience this while using this drug, be assured that your vision will come back to normal once you are no longer taking the drug. The normal dose for most people is 25mg-35mg. At this dosage, you are not likely to experience vision problems. The blurry vision only comes with high doses so you should reduce your dosage if you notice any vision problems.

Can You Stack Andarine With Steroids?

Many fitness enthusiasts want to know if you can stack Andarine with other steroids and the answer is yes! The good thing about the top S4 Andarine is that it does not give the side effects that come with anabolic steroids. However, if you are using Andarine already and you want to add a steroid or two for maximum benefit, you can do this safely. For instance, you can add 500mg of Testosterone Cypionate per week to your regular dose of 25mg per day of Andarine S4.

Is S4 Andarine legalized?

Andarine is not a legal drug but this does not mean people should not use it. In the exciting world of professional sports, many athletes, bodybuilders and weightlifters use Andarine S4 to enhance performance. You can buy the S4 Andarine for sale online from reputable online stores. Buying S4 Andarine should not be a problem for you.

Final Word

It does not matter if you are an experienced bodybuilder or a novice. There are times you just have to take drugs that enhance performance and give you better results. In such situations, buying Andarine S4 for sale is your best bet. This drug is super effective and does not come with all the side effects you get from steroids. Buy S4 from the right sources and you will definitely enjoy using it.

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