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Anavar is basically the brand name of oxandrolone, an anabolic steroid that’s favored by athletes and bodybuilders alike. Anavar could hinder protein catabolism which is usually caused after extended corticosteroid therapy. The steroid can also come in handy to alleviate osteoporosis-caused pain in the bones and facilitate physical growth in girls with Turner Syndrome. In this article, we’ll take a detailed look at the steroid, discuss its positives and negatives, and help you ascertain whether it’s the steroid you need.

Anavar For Sale

Anavar Steroid – A Technical Overview

Derived from DHT (dihydrotestosterone), Anavar is known by several names – such as CB-8075, NSC-67068, Var, 5a-dihydrotestosterone and Protivar, among others. Suitable for both men and women, Anavar has a half-life of eight to 10 hours. This is much lower compared to the average 16 to 22 hours half-life of usual anabolic steroids. In case you didn’t know, half-life is the time the steroid stays inside your body.

Developed in 1962, Anavar was used as medicine in 1964. Doctors invariably prescribe the drug for its medicinal traits. There are also over-the-counter Anavar alternatives; however, they aren’t as potent or effective. The supplement is often prescribed for its influence on physical development and performance. Also, Anavar is used to mitigate muscle wastage caused by debilitating medical conditions, such as AIDS.

Anavar Dosage, Cycling, and Stacking

Anavar can be administered for both medical and non-medical reasons. If it’s being prescribed by your doctor for a health condition, it’s imperative you religiously adhere to the dosage patterns. Generally, Anavar is prescribed to be taken twice or thrice a day. However, the exact dosage requirements may vary across individuals and their underlying conditions.

Things also depend on the condition being treated, the person’s age, gender, and health in general. The standard Anavar dosage is 2.5 to 20mg a day. The average dose, however, is 5 to 10mg. The Anavar course is typically two weeks to a month. Certain cases may, however, require prolonged usage – up to three or four months.

Bodybuilders use Anavar for its non-medical benefits. If you’re considering using Anavar to boost your training quality, make sure you use it both during and before the bulking-up period. Athletes and bodybuilders administer Anavar based on their tolerance levels and familiarity with the drug.

If you’re using Anavar for the first time for its training benefits, start your dosage with 15 to 25mg a day. Intermediate dosages could be anywhere between 20 and 80mg. During the second week, you could increase the dose by up to 50mg. If you are intermediate, make sure you do not administer more than 100mg per day. Even advanced bodybuilders should cap their Anavar intake at 100mg a day.

Female athletes and bodybuilders should keep their doses lower than men – at around 10mg a day. The dose could be increased or decreased based on the results or the side effects (if any). Regardless of the outcome, it’s highly advised women cap their intake at 50mg. The cycle can be anywhere between four and six weeks.

Even though you may use Anavar for a period of 10 weeks or more – which people usually consider due to the steroid’s relatively mild negative effects – extending the dosage cycle could increase liver damage risks. Therefore, capping things at eight weeks is advised.

Anavar could be stacked with Anadrol, Dianabol, Deca-Durabolin, Clenbuterol or other anabolic-androgenic steroids to boost physical performance and increase muscle mass growth. If you’re going to stack different steroids, make sure you do it right or under the supervision of an expert because the side effects could be severe if the dosage levels or steroid combinations are wrong.

If you’ve been prescribed the drug medically, administer it with food so that you don’t experience any digestion problems. Based on your dosage levels, you can administer Anavar once or up to four times a day. Since the steroid has a fairly short half-life, you should take at least one Anavar pill a day to experience the bare minimum effects or retain what you already have.

As bodybuilders are at the risk of suppressing their natural testosterone production when on Anavar, they are recommended to stack Anavar with testosterone – this primarily applies to male bodybuilders. Testosterone is not a major female hormone. Therefore, testosterone suppression would not be a concern for them. Women can go ahead with their 10mg daily dose recommendation without any testosterone stacking.

Results to Expect

Anavar’s real strength lies in its capability to help you keep your current muscle tissue while burning fat in a cutting phase. No edema (water retention) issue is a major positive since most other anabolic steroids are notorious for causing or exacerbating the condition. Anavar would boost your fat-burning rate while ensuring a lean, tight and hard physique with improved vascularity.

Anavar Advantages

• Increases Nitrogen Retention

Anavar’s prime function is increased muscle nitrogen retention, thereby helping the body remain in an optimal anabolic state for longer. This means you would be losing weight in the form of fat but keeping the muscles needed to achieve that shredded look.

• Increased Free Testosterone Levels

Anavar decreases sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG). SHBG binds to androgens and estrogen naturally. With Anavar reducing this protein, it leads to increased testosterone availability. This not just provides a boost to your anabolic environment in general, but also adds to the effectiveness of other steroids you could be using. While there may be mild suppression in natural testosterone production, there is rarely full or half suppression in testosterone levels.

• Impedes Muscle-Wasting Hormones

Muscle wastage reduction and prevention are among the major reasons why Anavar made its name in the medical arena. Bodybuilders benefit from Anavar’s ability to hinder cortisol and other hormones, resulting in decreased inclination to accumulate fat and heightened ability to preserve lean muscle tissue.

• Increases RBC Count

As a treatment option for anemia, Anavar can have a positive effect on your RBC (red blood cell) count. This brings about increased endurance by moving more nutrients and oxygen to the muscles while training. This not just positively affects gym performance, but there is a marked change in physical appearance too.

• A Panacea of Sorts

As mentioned earlier, Anavar is used for treating a range of health and medical conditions. Besides the aforementioned applications, Anavar is used in the treatment of chronic infections, osteoporosis symptoms, idiopathic short stature, hereditary angioedema, alcoholic hepatitis, and hypogonadism. If you’re considering using Anavar for any of these medical issues, kindly consult your doctor first.

• Boosts Strength

Anavar is commonly used by bodybuilders to boost physical strength. The steroid works by strengthening muscle fibers, boosting overall muscle strength. This increased strength should help you work harder in the gym or train longer.

• High-Quality Weight Gain

Anavar isn’t your typical, run-of-the-mill anabolic steroid. This means you will not be able to make huge muscle gains over a period of days. However, that also means any quality weight you put on with Anavar steroids would be quality gains and not an outcome of water retention. The steroid should be ideally used as a cutting steroid and also to enhance athletic performance.

• Orally Consumed

Anavar is a steroid for oral consumption. This means you will not have to deal with those dreadful injections and also the negative connotations attached to injecting steroids. If you are a beginner, you would find Anavar steroids a lot more user-friendly.

• Women-Friendly Steroid

Anavar’s effects are a lot more anabolic than androgenic. This means women can also use Anavar. Women would find Anavar adding a good amount of muscle to their frame without the usual anabolic side effects – provided they are careful about their doses and do not overrun their cycles.

Anavar Drawbacks

Anavar is one of those few anabolic steroids that are known for their minimal side effects. If you know what you’re getting into and use Anavar the right way, you will most likely not encounter any of the following issues. However, since there is always the possibility of things going wrong, the following drawbacks have been listed for your information.

• Not Ideal for Bulking

Though Anavar increases physical strength, it doesn’t do much in the form of increased muscle mass. Therefore, it shouldn’t be your go-to compound for developing muscles. However, if you’re using the steroid to lose weight, it would ensure you burn fat and not lean muscle mass.

• Side Effects (If Misused)

There are some side effects attached to Anavar usage, which include mood swings, anxiety, depression, sleeping problems, and aggressive behavior. Some other possible side effects include suppression of the body’s natural testosterone production mechanism, gynecomastia (man boobs), fertility problems, acne, oily skin, and liver hepatoxicity. Women could experience hoarseness, a deep voice, excessive facial and body hair growth, an enlarged clitoris, and irregular menstruation.

• Restricted Availability

Despite being approved by the FDA and prescribed by medical doctors in America, the drug is restricted from use in several other countries. Availability and accessibility, therefore, could be an issue if you live outside the United States.

• Relatively Expensive

Anavar tablets do not come cheap. You should, therefore, be judicious with your Anavar dosage. Since the drug is not meant for bulking or the effects do not necessarily get better with dosage increase, there is absolutely no reason why you should be administering the drug in excessive amounts. By doing so, you would not only be throwing money down the drain, but the risk of side effects may go up too.

Buying Anavar

When looking to buy Anavar, you should know that Anavar pills or Anavar tablets would not be available for purchase as Anavar steroids. You should instead look to buy oxandrolone or Oxandrin. Despite this, the Anavar name is widely used and every time you look to buy Anavar online, you would come across phrases such as “Anavar for sale” and not “oxandrolone for sale”. As far as price goes, Anavar could cost you a dollar or two for a 10mg pill.

Oxandrolone Conclusion

Anavar is extremely powerful and effective. Though a testosterone derivative, it can be a lot more anabolic than testosterone – in fact, three to four times more. This is a major reason why the compound comes in so handy in the gym. However, do not expect it to do everything by itself. For the best results, you need to support the supplement with a healthy diet and a proper training regimen. Physical training is important both during and after the cycle.

Long story short, if your objective is obtaining a hard, ripped and lean physique, Anavar should be your anabolic steroid of choice.

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