Dianabol (Metandienone) Vs Anadrol (Oxymetholone)

If you are aiming for the best results while you are training, you need to put an excellent plan in place. You have to plan your exercise regime, your diet and your rest. You also have to figure out the best supplements to help your cause as well as the dosage and side effects of these supplements. In this article, we are going to focus on Dianabol vs Anadrol. The smart move here is to look at the differences between and similarities of these two supplements. In addition, we should look at the Dbol vs Oxymetholone debate and look at all the pros and cons of each supplement.

Dbol vs Anadrol


One thing that makes this drug stand out is the fact that it is a very simple drug to use. It comes in capsule form and all you need is just three capsules per day taken at regular intervals every day. Note that this drug is not your “overnight success” type of drug. This drug will definitely work for you but you have to take it for a while before you start seeing results. In fact, you should buy several bottles of this drug because this will guarantee you three months supply at least. Once you have bought the drugs, you should read the instructions carefully and take the drug in accordance with the right dosage all the time. You have nothing to fear when you take this drug because it will not cause liver or kidney damage. In addition, this drug does not affect the blood pressure and does not lead to cardiac complications.

Metandienone is another anabolic steroid tat is noted for its aggressive performance. This drug works supper fast because it initiates the androgen receptor. The drug also increases the protein components in the human body and this means it enhances muscle quality within a short time. This can lead to side effects like hypertension, hair loss and gynecomastia. Women are not usually expected to take this drug because it can lead to masculinizing effects on them. Even when women take the lowest doses of this drug, they might have effect like hair on the face, a deep voice and increased muscle development. In some cases, men who take this drug might experience estrogenic consequences. In such cases, the men might use drugs like Clomid, Novaldex and Arimidex to combat the impact of these estrogenic effects. Note that this drug should be used with caution because it has the tendency to cause liver damage. This is why people taking Metandienone should be closely monitored. The drug should be discontinued if any dangerous side effects occur.


This drug has a huge international reputation and this is quite easy to understand. It was developed back in the early 1960s and that is a long time ago. In all these years, Anadrol has had the time to build its reputation as an extremely useful drug. Doctors prescribe Anadrol for the treatment of a number of medical conditions. Doctors prescribe Anadrol for the treatment of osteoporosis and anemia. It is also used in the treatment of HIV. In the bodybuilding industry, athletes use Anadrol for a number of reasons. You can use it in the cutting cycle to cut down on your weight. You can also use it in the bulking cycle for muscle building.

This drug is very effective when it is taken orally. However, you have to consult your medical expert to give you further information on the best time for oral ingestion. For instance, is it better to take the drug on an empty stomach or with meals? Is it better to take drug shortly before working out or after working out? These things may seem like minor questions but they are important and could make the difference between optimal performance and failure of the drug. What most people know about this drug is that it works fast, it is effective but it has a number of side effects. In addition, this drug is great at enhancing the appetite and this is why it is sometimes prescribed for people who are recovering from a debilitating ailment. For the bodybuilder, this drug has many benefits. It aids rapid muscle building. It works fast and it works effectively.

There are few differences when you carry out your Dbol vs Adrol comparison. However, there are many similarities too. The point is that these two supplements can help you to meet your bodybuilding goals. For new users, you should be patient with these two supplements. This is because the potency of these two drugs might be too much for some people to bear. In any case the right D bol vs Adrol comparison will give you plenty of information on these two supplements.

The bottom line

To be on the safe side, you should use these drugs with a doctor’s prescription. It is also a good idea if the doctor knows your medical history. This way, you know whether the drug is good for you or not. Get authentic information and you will make the right decision on your Dbol vs Adrol comparison.

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